Posted: 5 months ago

Barbales Marani Goes on Sale in the US Soon

Barbales Marani wine will be sold in America. According to Zviad Kordzadze, the founder of the company this will be the first time for "Barbales Marani" to enter the export market, however, negotiations are underway with other countries as well.

"The contract already exists, we are clarifying the details at this stage. Since we do not have mass production, in the first stage we will export only 1000 bottles of wine to the US market, which will be sold in wine shops and bars.

This is a good start for us. We hope that our wines will establish themselves in the new market, therefore we will have to increase production. At this stage, we are producing up to 3,000 bottles of 8 types of wine, but we plan to increase production to 5,000 next year, "- said Zviad Kordzadze at Business Partner.

According to him, 2021 turned out to be very successful. The company has won 3 bronze medals at 2 international exhibitions, Saperavi, Otskhanuri Saperavi and Kakhetian Mtsvane. He also opened the Barbales Marani and appeared on Wolt in addition to his online sales platform.

"We hope that 2022 will be better, tourism will be restored, which will increase the number of our customers. This year the main goal is to acquire loyal customers who often visit the Barbales Marani wine bar. We are working on apple and pear wines and we hope to offer them to customers soon," said Kordzadze.

Barbales Marani was created by a famous lawyer in 2014. The cellar is located in Shindisi, which combines such distinctive types of wine as Otskhanuri Sapere, Tsitska-Kolikauri, Usakhelouri, Khikhvi, Khvanchkara and others.