Posted: 1 year ago

Association of Sommeliers Named the Best Sommelier of the Year

The Association of Sommeliers has announced the best sommelier of the year. The jury selected the winner from the three finalists- Koba Abramishvili.

Medea Janiashvili, acting head of the National Tourism Administration, was among the members of the jury.

"Wine is an integral part of our culture and tradition, at the same time it is one of the competitive products, which we are proud of and promote both in the domestic and international tourist market, therefore it is very important to have a sommelier whose function is to introduce our leading product internationally. Accordingly, the event has a very important functional load", said Medea Janiashvili.

The competition was held by the Association of Somalis for the third time. Along with the best sommelier of the year, new sommeliers were presented at the event.