Posted: 5 months ago

American Expert Introduced the US Export Growth Strategy to Georgian Wine Producers

Julie Peterson,  the head of the National Wine Agency contractor American marketing company Mark Energy, met with representatives of about 60 Georgian wine companies at the National Wine Agency and delivered a presentation on the American wine market. He briefed the producers  on fundamental steps that they need to take in order to build a long-term sustainable plan for the US market. 

“The presentation we were doing today is to help all the Georgian wine companies if they want to export to the US market, how do they develop their individual strategy, because the wine market in the US is the largest in the world, it’s also the most competitive. Over the last 4 years, we are seeing average growth increases of over 50% a year. In the US market, anything over 20% is considered very fast growth, so 50% growth is a very, very strong and so we want to continue to see the develop now over the next 5 years to this long-term sustainable growth in the market . it’s really an exiting time to see more and more producers and importers coming together to build their wine in the US” – the head of “Mark Energy” states.

According to Irakli Cholobargia, the head of the marketing and PR department of the National Wine Agency,  the US still is the strategic market for Georgian wine, and in 2020, the National Wine Agency will intensify its activities in this country, in terms of Georgian wine presentation in the US, as well as visits of American importers and wine experts to Georgia. 

The US is one of the potentially growing and important export markets for Georgian wines, where recent marketing efforts have helped to raise awareness of Georgian wines, which has had certain results. According to the 11 months data of this year, 660 thousand bottles of wine are exported from Georgia to the USA, an increase amounted to 48% compared to the same period last year.