Posted: 3 weeks ago

4,200 Winegrowers made $47 Million by Selling Grapes to Enterprises

As of September 13, up to 53,000 tons of grapes have been processed in the Kakheti region.

According to the information from the National Wine Agency, the harvesting of the crop is taking place without interruption, the winegrowers did not have any problems with the sale of grapes.

"Daily processing of grapes is in the range of 8-10 thousand tons. Wine companies evaluate grapes according to their quality. The price of quality grapes of the Rkatsiteli variety has reached 1.10 GEL. From 23 thousand tons of processed Rkatsiteli to 5.3 thousand tons of grapes of this variety, wine companies have paid from 95 Tetris to 1.10 GEL. From 1.55 GEL to 1.75 GEL was paid by private companies for 15 thousand tons of Saferavi up to 23 thousand tons," said Levan Mekhuzla, the head of the vintage coordination staff, the chairman of the National Wine Agency.

According to the agency, 4,200 winegrowers handed over grapes to wine enterprises, their income reaches 47 million GEL. The harvest is in an active phase in the municipalities of Gurjaani, Kvareli, Dedoplistskaro, and Sighnaghi, the rest of the municipalities of the Kakheti region will be involved in the process of settling the grape harvest step by step, as soon as the grapes are in the necessary condition.

At the moment, more than 300 wine companies and wineries are registered in the vintage coordination headquarters, which will gradually be involved in the process of receiving and processing grapes. About 130 companies have already processed grapes of various volumes.

According to the decision of the Government of Georgia, a subsidy program will be implemented to support the 2022 vintage. The goal of the program is to fully accommodate the grape harvest and maintain the dynamics of stable development of the viticulture-wine industry. With the support of the subsidy program, up to 25 thousand winegrower farmers will be able to sell their crops.