Posted: 4 months ago

31 Awards in 2020 - Wine Experts on the Historic Victory of Tbilvino

Tbilvino won 31 awards at the International Wine Competition in London in 2020, including Saperavi's historic victory at the IWC, which is not only the success of Tbilvino, but also another step towards the recognition of Georgian wine.

In the same competition, Tbilvino Wine "Mukuzani Special Supply 2018" won a gold award with 100 points out of 100, Decanter, at London 2020 "Mukuzani 2018" received a score of 95 out of 100 points and was awarded a gold medal.
Levan Mekhuzla - Head of the National Wine Agency:
''IWC is one of the most important competitions in the field of wine, in other words, the summing up of the year for the representatives of the wine industry.
The IWC jury is made up of such wine experts as, for example, Tim Atkin, a writer, gourmet who has evaluated wine since 2001, Oz Clark - one of the most renowned wine experts in the world with the best reputation, Dr. Jamie Goode Doctor of Biology, scientist, which testifies to the prestige of this competition.
It is very nice to see the Tbilvino Award, the title of Saperavi Champion of the Year for red wine, which was won at this important competition.
I would like to sincerely congratulate the whole team of Tbilvino, especially the winemaker Zviad Loladze, on this important success. I wish you more hard work and even more success.

We, as the National Wine Agency, try our best to support the private sector in the promotion of Georgian wine, also in terms of the certification process and quality control. However, creating a quality wine that is demanded by the consumer, the market and the standards set by important competitions is still a personal responsibility of the private sector and it is very nice that Tbilvino is an example that the company has a responsibility to introduce such high quality wine to the market.''
Martin Moran, a member of the IWC's competition jury and chairman of the panel, calls Tbilvino Saperavi the champion red wine, decorated with tones of light acidity, ghognasho and ripe plum fruit, with impressively long ends.
"Mukuzani Special Supply 2018" was named as a wine distinguished by surprisingly dark and rich aromas of black plum, dried fruit and blackberry, menthol and vegetable tones.
"Mukuzani 2018" Decanter was described by the jury members of London 2020 as a concentrated wine with a cedar and cherry dried aroma, rich black fruit and light plant tones, velvety structure and pleasant, long endings.

Similar characterization and evaluation by international wine experts contributes to the success and recognition of Georgian wine.