Posted: 5 years ago

26 Million Bottles of Wine Exported from Georgia in January-April

In January-April  2019, 26 million bottles (0,75l) of wine has been exported to 38 countries worldwide, that is 4% higher than the similar data of 2018. Exported wine income amounted to 63,2 USD, that is 7% higher than the data of the previous year. 

Georgian wine realization has increased in American, Asian and European markets. Georgian wine exports have increased in Georgian wine strategic markets: USA -108% (219713 bottles), China - 22% (2192025) and Poland - 16% (1173850); Also, growth is remarkable  on the following European markets: Israel - 102% (106572), Belorussia - 88% (604076), France - 81% (43938), Mongolia - 72% (106452), Canada - 70% (66960), Netherlands - 37% (40930),  Estonia - 15% (214502), Lietuva - 4% (179370), Russia- 4% (16850331) and etc.

At the beginning of the year, different amount of wine was exported by 179 wine companies. 

In addition, 8,4 mil. bottles (0,5 liters) of brandy have been exported to 16 countries worldwide, that is 67% higher than the similar data of 2018. Exported brandy income amounted to 18 mil USD (growth 74%).  140 thousand bottles of “Chacha” has been exported to 18 countries worldwide, growth amounted to 68%. Exported “Chacha” income amounted to 382 thousand USD (increase – 31%).

The Chairman of the National Wine Agency Levan Mekhuzla focuses on export growth in strategic markets, including the United States, which has moved to the top ten exporting countries.

"The trend of export growth is maintained according to the data of 4 months of the current year. It should be noted that the increase in the amount of income is more than the amount. The exports of Georgian wine is reaching the point that the focus should be made on the quality, rather than the quantity. We work together with the private sector in this direction to increase the average price of Georgian export wine. "- noted Levan Mekhuzla.