Posted: 9 months ago

World Spa: A Global Spa Experience Soon to Debut at Tbilisi Balneological Resort

Tbilisi Balneological Resort is set to unveil the 'World Spa', a prestigious expansion that encapsulates a global range of spa services.

Salome Kudashvili, the resort's Executive Director, in conversation with 'Business Partner', affirmed that the expansion project of Tbilisi Balneology is progressing swiftly. One of the significant milestones is the near-completion of a luxury, five-star hotel.

"While we're tying up the final details, we've already secured an international operator for the hotel, although their identity remains confidential at this stage," says Kudashvili.

The forthcoming 'World Spa', to be established within the balneological center's premises, will encompass a comprehensive array of global spa services. These will include various baths, such as Turkish, Ukrainian, and Finnish, twenty different types of saunas, and a wide range of massages.

"Alongside the World Spa, we plan to inaugurate an additional pool and several restaurants. We anticipate completing these projects within the next one to one-and-a-half years. This will enable both locals and tourists in Tbilisi's center to avail of integrated services, such as medical rehabilitation, spa rehabilitation, and balneotherapy, all in one location," Kudashvili further adds.

Before the opening of Tbilisi's 'World Spa', the resort intends to globally retrain its personnel. Kudashvili acknowledges the challenges of this task, "Importing personnel from countries like Thailand, China, and European nations is a lengthy process. We do plan, however, to have foreign massage therapists. Moreover, we will be sending fifteen of our employees for training abroad. Our massage therapists are all medically educated with at least five years of work experience. We also operate our own massage school within the resort grounds, underscoring our commitment to staff qualifications."

A reminder that Tbilisi Balneological Resort, a state-owned entity since 1998 and designated as a cultural heritage monument, is currently held by 'Meidanze' LLC (75%) and 'Meidani' company (25%), according to the business register.