Photo: Dominika Zarzycka/NurPhoto/Getty Images
Posted: 2 months ago

Washington Post Names Georgia Holiday Haven

The Washington Post writes that Georgia named a "holiday haven" against the backdrop of the global pandemic.

The author of the article mentions Georgia as a safe country for tourism.

"Put aside the ancient vineyards, the ski resorts, and the Black Sea beaches. The country of Georgia has a new tourism pitch: a place to take a break from the pandemic. Georgia's response to the novel coronavirus is a relative success story," the article states.

According to the author, Georgia is among the first wave of countries cautiously restarting their tourism industries even as coronavirus concerns linger for both potential travelers and destinations.

The article states that Georgia had an aggressive approach in terms of the fight against the Coronavirus - schools were closed, the spread of the virus was monitored, direct flights to "hotspots" were suspended, and health screening was carried out at airports and at the borders. Around 7,000 hotel rooms were used to quarantine citizens who returned home after the first week of March.

The article also cites statements by the prime minister, the minister of the economy, and the head of the Georgian Tourism Association.

Read the full article on the following link: Washington Post.