Posted: 4 weeks ago

Vice-Mayor of Oni: Racha has Potential to Become Next Ski Destination in Georgia

Discussions about the potential of Racha becoming a 4-season resort has been going on for years. Among them was the arrangement of ski slopes in both Ambrolauri and Oni municipalities.

Years ago, the local government claimed that there was potential for a ski slope and a ropeway at the Buba Glacier in Shovi resort.

Giorgi Nodarishvili, Vice-Mayor of Oni Municipality, told BM.GE that at this stage, research work is underway in Oni Municipality, on the basis of which it should be determined what potential Zemo Racha has in terms of developing a ski resort.

"Studies are being conducted on the ski slopes of Zemo Racha at this stage. We are also very interested in developing the region in the field of sports. We are still in the process of conducting research. It is very important that the resort Shovi acquires the status of a ski resort, "said Giorgi Nodarishvili, Vice-Mayor of Oni Municipality.

For reference, the prospect of arranging ski slopes also exists in Ambrolauri municipality. According to the Ambrolauri spatial arrangement plan, there is a prospect of arranging a 40 km ski slope on the site near Chutkharo, on the border of Lentekhi and Ambrolauri, which will cover 1700 hectares.

As Ambrolauri Mayor Zviad Mkheidze stated to BM.GE in 2020, in case of arranging a ski slope, 10,000 skiers can ski together.