Posted: 5 years ago

Vardzia Resort Welcomes Guests in New Season with a Vardzia Resort

If you haven’t been to Samtskhe-Javakheti and haven’t experienced the taste of Meskhetian wine, then you know nothing about Georgia! This part has a veryspecial hospitality that is clearly visible even in their traditional dishes. Their taste and fragrance will make any guest fall in love with the Meskhetian cuisine.

The best place to experience this taste to the fullest is Vardzia Resort. This is a place where you can rest, have fun, take part in a number of activities, and of course learn the taste of the Meskhetian cuisine.

Guest or local, everyone knows perfectly well that a feast has a very special meaning in Georgia. And trust me, wine has a special meaning during a feast.

Up until now Vardzia Resort has been pampering its guests with various novelties but this season turned out to be outstanding…

This year, visitors will be welcomed by a wine cellar on the hotel territory. Designed in a traditional Meskhetian interior and exterior style, it perfectly combines with any part of the hotel.

For ages Georgia has been called the motherland of the grapevine, there are numerous types of grapes growing in the country, and thus we have a vast amount of wine.

Vardzia Resort offers you this vast amount in its wine cellar. Notably, it is here that you will meet wine made from the oldest vines growing on Meskhetian terraces.

You can discover many new tastes and fragrances at the hotel wine cellar. You can both sample and buy any wine here.

This is especially interesting for foreign guests who, enchanted by our wine, often “take along” a bottle back home.

Vardzia Resort is known for always surrounding its guests with the best service, good environment, and Meskhetian taste. The wine cellar adds another link to this magic chain and makes it even more perfect.

So if you like to discover new places in your own country or enjoy the ones you have already discovered, visit Vardzia Resort, learn the taste of Samtkhe-Javakheti, Meskhetian cuisine, and now numerous wines!