Photo: Georgiavoyage

Posted: 3 years ago

Vardzia Complex to Host Visitors Free of Charge as part of Night at Museum Project

According to National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation, Vardzia historical-architectural museum-reserve will join the International Museum Day on May 18.

The illuminated complex of Vardzia will host visitors free of charge as part of Night at Museum project.

Starting 18 o’clock the down space of Vardzia Museum will host an exhibition of works of handicraft masters specialized in intangible cultural heritage and products of farmers engaged in agriculture field.

The theatrical martial team will participate in the project and offer picturesque performance to audience. Singer Sopo Khalvashi and her musical band will also hold a concert. 
The event will be held by the initiative and with the financial support of USAID and National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation.
The campaign was established by Council of Europe in 2005. This program was first the first time held in Georgia in 2015.