Posted: 2 weeks ago

UNESCO Assigns Status of a Biosphere Reserve to Two Territories in Georgia

First time ever in the history of Georgia and the Caucasus, UNESCO has ruled to assign the status of Biosphere Reserve to two territories in Georgia.

Biosphere Reserve improves environmental, economic, and social conditions in a region through prudent use of natural and human resources, thereby facilitating the business performance, especially through organic production, thus increasing prospects of tourism. It is therefore important for the sustainable development of a diverse local economy.

''International recognition of Dedoplistskaro and Sami Alazani Biosphere Reserves will make a positive impact on the social and economic condition of the local population, thus creating new opportunities for regional and nationwide development.

We have been working hard towards this historic achievement since 2015. I express gratitude to each public institution in the country, our international friends, and partners engaged in this process for all their efforts,'' said Irakli Gharibashvili, Prime Minister of Georgia.