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Posted: 6 months ago

Turkish-German Airline SUNEXPRESS is Entering Georgia

The Turkish-German airline SunExpress will start operating in Georgia in June 2023.

The airline flies to Tbilisi International Airport simultaneously from three cities in Turkey: Ankara, Antalya and Izmir. The Union of Georgian Airports has successfully completed the final round of negotiations with the airline. The main stage of negotiations was held within the aviation forum ROUTES WORLD 2022.

"We are glad that another new airline is entering the market of Georgia. The Turkish-German airline SunExpress, founded by Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa, will start flights from Izmir on June 3, from Ankara on June 5, and from Antalya resort from June 15 to Tbilisi and vice versa. Tickets have already gone on sale today, and our citizens will be able to get to the capital and resort areas of Turkey at a very affordable price,''- said Tamar Archuadze, director of the International Airports of Georgia.

In the first stage, the airline will fly to Tbilisi with 5 frequencies per week. It will perform direct regular flights between the capitals of Turkey and Georgia with frequency 1, and Tbilisi with frequency 2-2 from Antalya and Izmir.

SunExpress is an airline company founded in Antalya 33 years ago and is the main air carrier of Izmir and Antalya. It became the first private airline to offer customers direct scheduled flights between Turkey and Germany in 2001. According to SKYTRAX, SunExpress has been named the best tourist airline of 2022.