Posted: 2 months ago

Travel Bubbles and Countries to Practice the Travel Bubble Scheme

“The tourism industry has acquired a new important concept – the so-called Travel Bubbles”, Galt & Taggart senior analyst Kakha Samkurashvili told the Business Morning TV Program.

The Travel Bubbles enables to open borders between countries with similar risk factors, he said.

“For instance, similar Bubble was introduced in the Baltic Countries: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have already opened borders to each other, because they are facing the same risks. For example, two months ago I was hopeful tourists inflows by land would essentially increase from the neighboring countries, but today I do not have such hopes, because the COVID-19 peak is growing in Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The situation has a little bit stabilized in Turkey, but much more time is required to open borders with Turkey.

We expect Israel, Baltic Countries, several EU countries to be included in the Travel Bubble scheme, however, the ratio of these countries in total number of visitors does not exceed 7-8%, regretfully, and today, there are no grounds to expects a cardinal rise in tourist inflows to Georgia”, Kakha Samkurashvili noted.