Posted: 3 years ago

Toyota Center Tbilisi Founder Postponed Opening of a Hotel in Mestia until 2021

Irakli Gurchiani, the founder of Toyota Center Tbilisi, has postponed the opening of the Gistola Hotel in Mestia for a year due to a pandemic.

The businessman told the "business partner" about it. According to him, a 4-star hotel will be opened in Mestia for the summer season of 2021.

Asked whether it will be an international brand, Gurchiani explains that there are no plans for an international operator to enter Gistola.

According to Gurchiani, the construction of the hotel has already been completed. Only the selection of staff remains as a task. "About 20% of the employees will be local staff, the rest will probably be selected from Samegrelo or Tbilisi. It is difficult to find a professional locally, ”said Gurchiani.

The building has 4 floors (55 rooms) and a restaurant will be located in it. Irakli Gurchiani chose the name of the new glacier "Gistola" taller than Ushba for his new hotel in Mestia - it is 4,860 meters above sea level.