Posted: 2 weeks ago

Tourist Shelter Set to Host Travelers Taking Longest Hiking Route in Adjara

A tourist shelter will be arranged on the hiking-adventure tourist route connecting Kobuleti-Shuakhevi.

Adjara Tourism Department Tourism Products Development Agency plans to arrange a shelter for 15 people at 2000 meters above sea level, on Jvarmindori. As a result, those wishing to climb the longest (88 km) hiking route in Adjara will be able to spend the night and rest in a shelter arranged by eco-standards from the end of summer.

Recreational and kitchen space, bathroom in the tourist shelter provided with electricity and water will be arranged. Wooden tables, wooden chairs, wall-mounted cabinets and wooden bunk beds are planned to be installed in the building designed taking into account the climatic conditions and relief.

On the new tourist trail, where the tourist shelter will be arranged, travelers will have access to the beautiful Kintrishi National Park, Varjanauli and Tskhemvana arched bridges built in the XII century, Khinotsminda Monastery, Tbikeli Lake, Jvarimindori and Khabelashvili wooden arch. The trail is distinctive and varied. 50% of it is covered by Colchis forest, the rest is an alpine zone, where travelers meet thousands of millennia-old trees, waterfalls and wild lakes. For reference, the 2-3 day tourist trail connecting Kobuleti-Shuakhevi was marked by the Tourism Product Development Agency last year.