Posted: 4 years ago

Tourist Infrastructure Arranged at Gelati Monastery

Arranging of tourist infrastructure at Gelati Monastery has finalized as per the order of Municipal Development Fund (MDF) of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia (MRDI).

The project implementation was backed financially by World Bank (WB) and the cost of works exceeded GEL 1.6 million. Executive Director of MDF Mr. Giorgi Shengelia visited the site of completed works.

The tourist infrastructure arranging works at Gelati Monastery were carried out into two stages by MDF. The first stage works were composed of arranging the Visitors Center, WC, parking lot, WSS & WWS at Gelati Monastery. Execution of the second stage works resulted in rehabilitating the depreciated retaining wall. 

The informative signs, curbs, fencing, and outdoor lighting for the parking lot were arranged there. The Church access road of 600 m length was also asphalted. The infrastructure is thoroughly adapted for people with disabilities. 

The project will assist in the maintenance of cultural heritage monuments and the development of the tourist infrastructure of the country.