Posted: 3 years ago

Tourism Sector Representative Keep Protesting at Parliament of Georgia

Representatives of the Georgian tourism industry keep holding protest rallies at the parliament of Georgia. We will continue our protest unless our demands are satisfied, they noted.

Namely, the demand for opening borders with the so-called Green Zone countries, restoring flights, and publishing the corresponding schedule of flights so as the tourism industry manage to plan the 2021 season. The tourism industry representatives also ask the Government to act as a mediator with commercial banks, because the greater part of them turned insolvent. As one of the organizers of the protest rally Aleksandre Giorgadze told reporters, they wanted to install a tent, but police expropriate their property.

“We decided to stay here in shifts overnight. Suddenly, about 30 policemen appeared, they grabbed our tent and placed in a police automobile”, Giorgadze noted. Anyway, we plan to stay here in shifts overnight, Aleksandre Giorgadze concluded. If our protest remains ignored, we will launch a hunger strike, he said.