Posted: 3 months ago

Tourism Board of Azerbaijan Opens Visitors Center in Tbilisi

Tourism Board of Azerbaijan has established the Visitors Center in Tbilisi. The center is called as Azerbaijan.Travel. Objective of the project is to enhance business relations between Georgia and Azerbaijan.

The Tourism Board of Azerbaijan is the tourism development promotion organization. The Center of Visitors was officially launched by Mariam Kvrivishvili, head of National Tourism Administration of Georgia, Fuad Nagiev, Head of State Tourism Agency of Azerbaijan and Flroian Zengsmidt, director general of Tourism Board of Azerbaijan.

“The mentioned center represents a unique concept, because it allows people to get acquainted with diverse experiences offered by Azerbaijan. Jointly with information stands, the Tourism Agency will also operate at the center that will supply information on tour and travel opportunities to visitors and enable them to make bookings”.

Georgia and Azerbaijan are united around values and this strategy enhances friendship and cooperation between these good neighbors, Fuad Nagiev, head of the State Tourism Agency of Azerbaijan, noted.

“We have met with Mariam Kvrivishvili, the director of National Tourism Administration of Georgia and discussed a lot of issues, including the need of organizing regional tours in Georgia and Azerbaijan”.

Florian Zengsmidt, director general for Tourism Board of Azerbaijan noted that the inauguration of Azerbaijan.Travel reaffirms our support for Georgia and its population.

“Azerbaijan is an ideal direction in many aspects. Baku is rich of modern infrastructure, excellent transport systems and diversity of experience. Azerbaijanis will be happy to share their culture, cuisine and country to Georgian visitors”, he noted.

The ratio of Georgian citizens in tourism inflows to Azerbaijan makes up 22%. This indicator is expected to further grow in 2020 thanks to direct flights from Tbilisi, improved railroad infrastructure and travel packages and visa-free regime, they noted.

“Azerbaijan will join the list of the countries, where the tourism sector holds essential ratio in GDP. According to existing forecasts, the figure will make up 6% in the next 10 years”.