Posted: 4 months ago

Tourism Administration to Spend GEL 21 million on Arranging Quarantine Spaces at Hotels

The National Tourism Administration plans to spend an additional GEL 21 million for arranging quarantine zones at hotels.

The Tourism Administration has already applied to the State Procurement Agency for due permission. The procurement will be carried out with simplified procedures.

“The necessary and indispensable procurement was determined by the Interdepartmental Coordination Board, for preventing the spread of COVID-19, after the national Tourism Administration was instructed to mobilize hotels for arranging quarantine spaces”, the statement reads.

In August, the Adjara Trim Department was also entitled to spend additional GEL 7.8 million on quarantine zones.

At this stage, the National Tourism Administration and Adjara Tourism Department have already spent several tens of millions of GEL on renting hotel suites and arranging quarantine zones there.
We remind you that several days ago the Georgian Government took a decision to decrease the obligatory quarantine duration to 12 days.

According to website, at this stage, 5,524 citizens remain in the quarantine zones all over Georgia.