Posted: 4 years ago

Tourism Administration to Spend 5 million GEL on Quarantine Spaces

The State Procurement Agency’s website has published the statement by the National Tourism Administration on simplified procurement. Under the statement, the Tourism Agency will spend additional 5 million GEL on arranging quarantine zones at hotels.

On June 9, the bailout plan’s budget will was published. Under the document, the National Tourism Administration will spend 45 million GEL in 2019 on renting quarantine spaces and transporting Georgian citizens to homeland.

In late May, the National Tourism Administration had arranged quarantine spaces at 84 hotels.

As for May 22, quarantine spaces were arranged at 84 hotels with 6,500 suites and 19,002 persons have passed obligatory quarantine. The Authorities have spent 32.5 million GEL on the mentioned program.