Posted: 3 weeks ago

The Longest Zipline in Europe to Set Up in Shuakhevi

The longest zipline in Europe will be set up in Shuakhevi, on Chirukhi mountain.

The total amount of investment reaches 10 million GEL.

Adjarian government hopes, that the zipline will become a tourist attraction. 

"We plan to spend about 10 million GEL in Chvani gorge and in this direction Khabelashvili's historical bridge will be rehabilitated. Auxiliary infrastructure will be arranged, which will bring even more tourists and income to Chirukhi, Chvani.

This year, the budget already envisages the resource, which will enable us to implement this project. Initially, the railway will be arranged, and then the rest of the infrastructure will be set up."

According to the project, "Village of the Mills" and ethnographic yard will be renovated.

In accordance with Gomarduli's development plan, a legislative initiative has been submitted to the municipalities, which envisages exemption from property tax for the arrangement of sports infrastructure, which has already been adopted by the municipality.