Posted: 1 week ago

Tetra Cave- First Ecotourism Space in the Area Where Wine will Age in Natural Condition

The Deputy Minister of Environment Protection and Agriculture, Yuri Nozadze, together with the Acting Chairman of the Agency of Protected Areas Davit Iosebashvili and the Mayor of Tskaltubo Municipality Grigol Ioseliani, inspected the new ecotourism facility - Tetra Cave.

"In recent years, the Agency for Protected Areas has restored many natural monuments, including caves, and built infrastructure. It should be noted that the involvement of the private sector in this process is fundamentally important for the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture. Tetra Cave is one of them, which was organized by a private initiative. This is a new word in ecotourism; Visitors will be able to see not only the cave, but also to taste the wines made from local grapes, "- said the Deputy Minister of Environment and Agriculture, Yuri Nozadze.

Tetra Cave will start receiving visitors in test mode. The cave in the village of Khomuli in Tskaltubo Municipality preserves 30,000 years of history. It is an important archeological site where up to 15,000 archeological materials have been excavated, including the Paleolithic human elbow bone, proving that the cave was the home of primitive man.

Tetra Cave will be the first ecotourism space in Georgia and European countries, where a very successful and attractive innovative service has been introduced, which includes aging wine in natural conditions and wine tasting aged in the cave. The cave will also offer visitors speleo-healing sessions, which is due to the specific air of the cave.

Tetra Cave, as a result of an electronic auction, was transferred to Tetra Group Ltd. in 2019 under a lease agreement. Within 1 year after the signing of the contract, the leasing company invested up to 400,000 GEL in the arrangement of the White Cave ecotourism space.

According to the director of the Tetra Cave, Giorgi Tkabladze, the ceiling and walls of the cave were cleaned of vandalism, household and construction waste was cleaned, and eco-tourist spaces were arranged for visitors. Here visitors will have the opportunity to visit the cave and learn about the unique history of the cave.

In accordance with the policy developed by the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture, the Agency of Protected Areas continues to arrange/develop ecotourism infrastructure. It should be noted that, like the Prometheus and Sataplia Caves, the White Cave has good tourist potential and provides an opportunity to contribute to the creation of new jobs and improve the socio-economic situation of the local population.