Posted: 1 month ago

Telegraph Names Georgia Among the Safest Tourist Destinations in Europe

The article begins with the description of the cities of Georgia, Tbilisi and Batumi. Along with Georgia, the safest tourist destinations in Europe according to Telegraph are Austria, Polland, Romania, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Croatia, and Malta.

"According to a new report from pan-Europe tourist board, Best Europe Destinations, they might want to look at which spots on the continent are deemed "safest", such as Georgia, Croatia, or Madeira.", is noted in the article. 

This data was compiled in the countries according to COVID-19 cases and hygiene rules.

"The number of coronavirus cases in Georgia is 260 times lower than in the most affected countries by the spread of coronavirus in Europe. Georgia has reacted quickly to the pandemic. Domestic tourism in the country was restored on June 15, Georgia is ready to host travelers from July 1st. Various measures were taken to prevent the virus from spreading and to ensure the safety of citizens and tourists.", is written in the article.