Posted: 2 weeks ago

Tbilsi City Hall Started Designing Dendrological Park

Tbilisi City Hall has started designing a dendrological park.

The first stage of the design includes a field biodiversity study of the park, on the basis of which a detailed landscape project will be developed.

"We have started another important project - the design of a dendrological park is underway. The structure that was once considered will be restored in the planning of this park, including an artificial lake, spaces with endemic species. It will be a unique place for Tbilisi residents to have a view of the Tbilisi Sea, ”said Maia Bitadze, Deputy Mayor.

On an area of ​​170 hectares, various functional zones will be arranged so that the existing natural landscape will be fully preserved. Completion of the project is scheduled for early next year.

Experts and students of the Agrarian University, who are directly involved in the design process, were present at the fieldwork.