Posted: 8 months ago

SunExpress to Start Operating Flights to Georgia from Turkey

SunExpress, a Turkish-German airline founded by Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa, will begin operating flights to Tbilisi International Airport in Georgia from June 28.

The airline will operate flights simultaneously from three Turkish cities, including Ankara, Antalya, and Izmir.

In the first stage, SunExpress will offer five flights per week to Tbilisi, with direct regular flights between the capitals of Turkey and Georgia once a week, and twice weekly from Antalya and Izmir to Tbilisi.

Before the start of operations, the airline plans to hold an introductory meeting for tour operators and travel agencies in Tbilisi to promote ticket sales. SunExpress, founded in Antalya 33 years ago, was named the best tourist airline of 2022 by SKYTRAX.