Posted: 4 months ago

Studio WALKINTO Created a Virtual Tour of Gurjaani Municipality

Studio Walkinto has created a virtual tour of Gurjaani Municipality. Introduction of the project to the private sector, which was ordered by Gurjaani Municipality, will be held today.

The tour starts from the center of Gurjaani, with an aerial panoramic point. Both air and ground arrows are charted in all directions from this point. By clicking on the arrow, the user can reach the center, move by air to all the selected locations that can be seen from this point.

"A virtual tourist map of the district was created, which combines cultural heritage monuments, tourist facilities, cellars, various destinations, etc. Through the project, anyone can see the important destinations of the city or village from the air points in the online tour, accurately determine their location, access road and values. Virtual travelers can visit any church or cellar, go inside, get information about them and enjoy the cultural heritage of Kakheti and various locations.

This exclusive and innovative project will contribute to the development of tourism in Gurjaani, its popularization, better presentation of opportunities and will be a kind of virtual guide in this direction. While Gurjaani is recognized as a major location for winemaking, we think the integration of microzones and wineries along with monuments will also play an important role in terms of marketing promotion for small and medium-sized businesses of this profile.

Walkinto thanks Gurjaani Municipality for its innovative approaches and solutions. Also for direct involvement and support in the filming process. It is a great honor and motivation for us to have a relationship with a customer who accurately assesses and sees the role of the future product in the development of the district, "- explains Walkinto partner Giorgi Dolidze.

The virtual tour is compiled in Georgian and English languages. Also, a separate tour of each object will be uploaded to Google for more promotion, in the field where the object is directly marked on the Google map. After all, travel companies and individual travelers will be able to better plan tour routes, calculate time, find a picnic or resting place in advance, and most importantly, discover points unknown to them on a single platform and plan a trip. The project initially aims to popularize the full tourism potential of the Gurjaani district and then the Kakheti region with a future product and present it internationally.

The first studio of the virtual tour in Georgia Walkinto was established in 2015, it was rebranded during the pandemic. The company offers customers customized, innovative, functional and interactive virtual tours.