Posted: 10 months ago

Snowpark Ski Track Opened in Gudauri Today

The Snowpark ski track opens in Gudauri from January 11 - the Mountain Tracks Agency reports.

According to their reports, the possibility of opening the mentioned ski track in Gudauri was created by the snowfall in the last days.

"In order to accumulate snow, the artificial snowmaking system was working at full capacity in Gudauri, which allowed us to collect about 100,000 cubes of artificial snow.

Until now, due to the lack of natural snow, it was impossible to prepare tracks only on artificial snow. However, according to the data of this minute, the small precipitation that came in the last days, together with the accumulated artificial snow, allows us to open the "Snowpark" ski track on January 11.

Our team uses all resources 24 hours a day to ensure the perfect functioning of the resort. The artificial snow-making system will continue to work in the coming days, so that we can open another ski track in addition," the information said.

The Mountain Tracks Agency warns skiers that the snow cover is only on marked tracks and advises not to ski beyond the area demarcated by the agency.

"Pay attention to the warning signs. We kindly ask you to understand the existing reality and help each other," the agency said.