Posted: 4 years ago

Sisa Tura - Ethno-village From Samegrelo

In 11 Kilometres from Zugdidi, on Mestia road, on the territory the village Chkhoria, tourists are attracted to ethnographic space - "Sisa Tura", which involves more than 3 hectares of territory.

Organizers started to work on this project 2 years ago.

"From 2013, I had a hostel and I saw, that we needed to build such a project. I tried to get the grant, but no one has financed me. We were gathering the finances in recent years.", noted founder of Sisa Tura, Marika Todua.

The ethno-village is arranged by 6 members of family, but following the demand, when they have many guests, number of employees increases. As Marika Todua supposes, in the future, after enlarging the place, number of employees will definitely increase.

"Guests in ethno-village generally are foreigners. Several tourism companies are collaborating with us. They come with groups, therefore, we hold the tour, which begins with the day-trip in ethno-village. Then, we have masterclasses, "Supra" with Megrelian elements and live music. I reckon, that the reason of success of this project lies upon the original idea. Hence, the ones who are interested in regional tourism, are only confined with restaurants and hotel businesses, but the tourists are attracted to much more different, risky and diverse projects.", says Marika.

Apart from that, she marks out the factor of the hostel's location and says, that the first tour was held with the help of DMO, which brought an awareness of this project to foreigners.

As Marika Todua declared, at this moment, they are working on renewal of the ethnographic space.