Posted: 2 weeks ago

Sioni Glamping to be Placed on Water and Land

Sioni Glamping will receive its first guests soon. Shalva Beridze notes with "Business Partner" that work is underway on the final details, and by the end of the month the cottage will host vacationers.

"Because of the pandemic, I aimed at domestic tourism. Sioni Glamping is 40 minutes drive from Tbilisi, to be accessible to any category of users. We have three cottages at this point. Each is a 28 square meter area with a bedroom, kitchenette, bathroom and balcony, large hammocks with a panoramic view of the Sioni Reservoir, especially beautiful at sunset. Glampings are located in the first strip of water. It is noteworthy that no glamping has ever been done with a panorama of this scale. For the spring we are going to place the cottage on the water, which will be done with a similar construction. Initially, it will be 1, and depending on the situation and the demand, we will think about expanding," said the founder of Sioni Glamping.

Sioni Glamping was made with private investment. It is not finished yet, but more than 50 000 GEL has already been spent. According to the representative of Sioni Glamping, there were plans to do glamping in Svaneti, Pasanauri and Vardzia, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the deadline for the implementation of these projects was postponed.

"Let's see how the pandemic processes will take place. I have a lot of plans for Sioni Glamping. I am going to add a veranda where events, birthdays,  weddings, etc. will take place. We will offer a full package to customers. We will also have additional services in the form of boat rides, horseback riding tours, field trips in different directions, fishing, biking and more. We will treat our guests with local, natural products. I want to make a small bar in the yard where we will bring ecologically clean vegetables and visitors will be able to get involved in the process themselves and harvest. We are working to attract funds so that we can implement our plans soon, ”said Shalva Beridze.