Posted: 1 week ago

Save Mountain Resorts - Protest Rally held in Gudauri Today

Save the mountain resorts! - Representatives of the tourism industry will hold another protest rally in Gudauri today, February 16 at 14:00.

The tour guide and one of the organizers of the protest said that anyone can attend the rally. The rally will be joined by locals, gorge elders, businesses, etc. The organizer of the rally says that if those who want to go to the rally show up from Tbilisi, they will be able to transport them if they have "jeeps". That is why the organizers appeal to the citizens who have SUVs and call on them to join their initiative.

"We have several demands. The main requirement is the opening of mountain resorts and these people need to get a specific answer as to why no resorts have been opened so far. The example of Batumi is irrelevant;

The second requirement is that the business operating in the mountains be exempt from all taxes for at least one year, as it is the second year that the mountain business has failed. In order for a business to breathe in a little oxygen and survive, it needs support. Too many people are going to sell their business. We also demand a guarantee that if the infection rate is 2,000, the resorts will not be closed again, ”said the guide.

As for him, opening of resorts is too late now, although a 2-3 week opening period for part of the business will be a relief. "The specificity of the mountain is that the heating must be turned on and even in the conditions of closure, the businesses in the resorts have to pay for it," said Alexander Giorgidze.