Photo: Georgian Travel Guide
Posted: 1 year ago

Sabaduri Village to Invest GEL 4 Million to Arrange Ecotourism Infrastructure in Sabaduri Forest

Ecotourism infrastructure will be arranged in Tbilisi National Park.

The park development project is implemented by the Agency of Protected Areas together with the Municipal Development Fund.

For ecotourism and recreational purposes, a visitor center, visitor cottages, hiking trails, children's and adults' entertainment area will be arranged. It is planned to arrange up to 300 km of easy and medium difficulty hiking trails with accompanying infrastructure.

A private investment is also planned in Tbilisi National Park. In the framework of the Public-Private Partnership Project (ppp), the investor Sabaduri Village will invest about 4 million GEL in the development of the Sabaduri forest section of the Tbilisi National Park.

Tbilisi National Park is an area of ​​more than 20 thousand hectares, distinguished by biodiversity. Up to 40 rangers provide its protection. Tbilisi National Park, according to visitor statistics, was in 4th place in 2018-2019.