Posted: 1 month ago

Return of the Leopard in Georgia- Photo Trap in Tusheti Captures Leopard

A leopard is back to Georgia Georgia - with this title, the Nakresi Foundation publishes on its Facebook page a photo of a leopard in the Tusheti protected areas, captured by a photo trap.

The leopard has not been seen in Georgia since 2009, after its last footprint was found in the Vashlovani Protected Areas.

"After a devoted search, when all hope seemed lost, the Nakresi Conservation Research Group discovered this animal in Georgia once more."

We found the picture of leopard (Pantera pardus) taken in August today. While checking one of the photo traps we installed in Tusheti protected areas two months ago.

This challenging and costly study was initiated and funded by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Caucasus Office; Both the previous and this attempt were carried out under the care of Nugzar Zazanashvili, and we dedicate this success to him," - it is said in the information spread by "Nakresi".