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Posted: 1 week ago

Results of the Program Work from Georgia

According to the Georgian National Tourism Administration, from August 27, 2020 to February 15, 2021, 2,479 foreigners expressed their desire to join the state program "Work from Georgia", enter and work in the country.

As for National Tourism Administration, 1,750 applications were approved and 370 people refused to participate in the program.

"913 people have already entered Georgia within the framework of the program. These are remote workers from USA, Australia, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine, New Zealand, Canada, etc.

The 913 people earned in the country are equivalent to 6,968 overnight stays in a quarantine hotel, which equates to an income of up to GEL 1,700,000 considering the average cost ($70). The 913 people who entered the country averaged a potential expenditure of more than $11 million over a 6-month period.

The application of up to 1,750 registered people has an average potential cost of more than $22 million over a 6-month period, taking into account the cost of quarantine space, ”the National Tourism Administration explained.

It should be noted that 58% of the 2,479 applications submitted to the program are freelancers; 26% - full time employee; 16% - entrepreneurs. According to the agency, the applicants registered under the project represent more than 90 different countries by citizenship. Top countries include the US, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Japan, UK, Canada.