Posted: 3 months ago

Restrictions Applied to Batumi Boulevard Territory

Due to the new Coronavirus pandemic, the following restrictions will be imposed on the entire territory of Batumi Boulevard within the state of emergency in order to avoid the risks of spreading the virus:

• Use of sports and entertainment venues;
• Use of children's attractions at Old and New Boulevard;
• use of exercise sports machines;
In addition:
• Skate-park, tennis court, Veterans Chess Club “Nona” got closed;
• Operation of cafes on Batumi Boulevard is suspended;

''Restrict walking on the boulevard as much as possible. In case of special need, be careful and follow social distance! Try not to touch anything! 

Given these circumstances, please perform a high degree of civic responsibility and refrain from staying in these spaces. Health and safety of visitors and locals are particulary important for us. Do not pose a threat to the health of those around you, "the Batumi Boulevard administration said in a statement.