Posted: 1 week ago

Restoration of Tbilisi Dendrological Park Starts by the End of 2021

The arrangement of the Tbilisi Dendrological Park will start by the end of the year, - Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze stated at the presentation of the Tbilisi Ecological Policy Report. 


"I campaigned on improving and organising this space. The dendrological park covers a total area of 160 hectares. We intend to upgrade it. We've already prepared the project and should be able to begin construction before the end of the year. Because this project is so large, it will take around two years to complete. Because there is space and opportunity, the zoo will be relocated from the city center. We also have a plan to create a space at the Dendrological Park for young artists,"- said Kakha Kaladze.


Talks about arranging Tbilisi Dendrological Park have been going on for years. The tender for the project was announced by the Tbilisi City Hall last summer. Receipt of bids in the tender was completed on August 12, 2020, and the estimated cost of the project was 830,508 GEL. 2 companies participated in the tender - Art Studio-Project Ltd and Karkas Ltd. In the end, the tender commission entrusted the creation of the Tbilisi Dendrological Park project to the Art Studio-Project. Including all taxes, the design of the City Hall Dendrological Park cost 932,200 GEL.dendrologiuriparki7-1623147623.jpgdend-1623148209.jpgdendrologiuriparki6-1623147615.jpgdendrologiuriparki5-1623147607.jpgdend5-1623148902.jpg