Posted: 2 weeks ago

Research on Tourism Potential in Mountains, Forests, Valleys, and Villages - Adjara Tourism Agency

Research on the tourism potential of mountains, forests, valleys, and villages in Adjara is planned. The information is spread by the Department of Tourism and Resorts of Adjara.

"Skurda, Ghoma, Nakonaghvari, and Kikibo are among the mountains, where new, transitional tourist routes will be identified and marked based on research. It is also planned to point out tourist attractive villages and to describe family guest houses, traditional dishes typical of the valley. The study also assesses the potential for livestock development in the Adjara region. 

Adjara Tourism Agency plans to develop routes and new tourism products in the mountains of Adjara. For the last years, the agency has created 5 new tourist routes. Among them are Kobuleti-Shuakhevi transitional tourist trail, Ghorjomi-Bakhmaro tourist route, Kapnistavi tourist trail, and canyoning in Uchkho gorge. The study of tourism potential will start in April and will be completed by May.”, - the statement reads.