Posted: 2 months ago

Representatives of International Scientific and Travel Publications Visited Georgia to Promote Eco-Tourism

In order to promote Georgian eco-tourism products, the National Tourism Administration of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development is hosting representatives of travel and eco-tourism publications from Germany, Great Britain, Italy, and Norway.

The scientists and researchers of the following visited Georgia: British Geographical of Georgia, BirdLife, German Weser Kurier, NABU Magazine Naturschutzheute, Saechsiche Zeitung, Berlin Brandenburger Naturmagazin, Nationalpark, Saechsische Bergsteiger Verbund, Geographische Rundschau, Scientists and researchers from the international platform LT&C Linking tourism and Conservation, the international platform for the study of protected areas, the Norwegian bird observation magazine Vår Fuglefauna, the Italian edition Focus magazine and the WWF PANDA magazine. 

"I think tourism can play a big role in promoting these places. Today we have seen many species of birds, this place is very attractive for bird watchers, we have discovered 52 species that my organization is researching and we are showing them all over the world, which will help to attract tourists to the protected areas. I have been researching Georgia for 18 years. We have started a program to support national parks in the Caucasus. I think Georgia is the center of the Caucasus biodiversity," said Peter Pogos, an expert with the World Wide Fund for Nature.

During the tour, representatives of travel publications visited Tbilisi, Sighnaghi, and Davit-Gareji. The participants of the tour visited the protected areas: Chachuni Reserve and Vashlovani National Park, the representatives of the travel media photographed birds and animals in the protected areas of Georgia.

Tour participants will visit wine cellars in Kakheti and will travel to Kazbegi municipality. Scholars and researchers of the publications will meet with representatives of Sabuko, a conservation organization founded by the Georgian Center for Wildlife Conservation in 2014, and a local partner of BirdLife, the world's largest nature conservation organization.

The participants of the tour will prepare extensive scientific articles on the flora, fauna, and eco-tourism potential of the country, which will contribute to the development of bird watching tourism.