Posted: 1 week ago

Renovated Kutaisi International Airport Officially Opened

The renovated Kutaisi International Airport has been officially opened.

Arranging the interior of the renovated airport as part of the project has been completed. Old and new terminals merged. As a result of merging the two terminals, Kutaisi Airport has a single terminal with take-off and departure lounges and all the equipment needed for its smooth operation.

The area of ​​the old terminal of Kutaisi International Airport named after David Agmashenebeli was 4800 square meters, and as a result of the expansion - the total area of ​​the terminal increased to 30 thousand square meters. Until now, if the old terminal was able to handle 600 thousand passengers a year, in the case of the renovated terminal, the passenger capacity increased to 2 and a half million a year.

The number of registration counters in the renovated airport terminal of Kutaisi has increased from 10 to 18, out of which two so-called baggage drop off is where passengers will be able to hand over their luggage by registering online. The number of border checkpoints has increased from 6 to 11 in the take-off zone, and from 8 to 14 on the take-off side. If the number of commercial spaces in the old terminal was 200 square meters, in the renovated terminal their square footage has already increased to 2000.

In the renovated terminal, the so-called green roof and green terrace were arranged. The airport has 7 gates and will be able to handle more than 1200 passengers per hour, which will quadruple the existing capacity of the airport.

Construction of the renovated terminal began in November 2017. The expansion of the terminal cost $ 35 million. The airport expansion project employed more than 500 people. More than 100 leading Georgian and foreign companies were involved in the project.