Posted: 2 weeks ago

Renovated Abastumani Observatory to Have New Equipment and Furniture

The renovated Abastumani Observatory will be equipped with technics and furniture both office and outdoor space.

The Municipal Development Fund has already announced a tender for the purchase of equipment and furniture.

According to the tender application, about 211 740 GEL will be spent on the purchase of equipment and 102 871 GEL on the purchase of furniture. The project is funded by the World Bank.

The renovation of the Abastumani Observatory was completed by the beginning of the year. 4.5 million GEL was spent on the project. As it was said then, a cafe, information center, exhibition and work space will be arranged in the building and the library will be restored. The observatory will house a visitor information center and a café.

The area around the observatory should also be arranged.

Abastumani Observatory was founded in 1932 by academician Evgeni Kharadze, it is the first mining astrophysical institution.