Posted: 4 years ago

Rehabilitation of Algeti Reservoir starts - Estimated Cost is GEL 1 Million

Georgian land reclamation starts rehabilitation of Algeti reservoir within the framework of land reclamation infrastructure.

As was informed by the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture, the works envisage arrangement of water level measurement systems, meteorological station, garbage catch. Also, repair of water supply valves in the lower stream, cleaning and drying of the cementation tunnel.

The implemented works will improve the supply of irrigation water on thousands of hectares of agricultural land in Kvemo Kartli. The estimated cost of the project is up to 1 million GEL.

Giorgi Khanishvili, Deputy Minister of Environment Protection and Agriculture, Davit Tsitlidze, General Director of Georgian Land Reclamation Ltd, and Lali Durmishidze, World Bank Irrigation and Land Market Development Project Manager, got acquainted with the situation at Algeti Reservoir.

The project, which will be launched in the coming days, is implemented with the financial support of the World Bank "Irrigation and Land Market Development Project". The works must be completed by the company that won the tender within 12 months.