Posted: 3 months ago

Peru’s Ambassador in Georgia: Branding Makes Tourism’s Potential Usable

What is the potential to develop Georgia-Peru trade and economic relations, and which fields may be selected for cooperation? The Peruvian Ambassador in Georgia, Marias Milagros Castanion Suane, has talked about these issues for the TV Program BusinessPartner. 


Georgia and Peru can cooperate in the field of tourism, and both countries can share their experiences with each other and both countries can expand trade and investment, the Peruvian Ambassador in Georgia noted. 

I have arrived in Georgia to harmonize our interests, first of all, in the tourism sector. To this end, I will meet with Georgia-based tour operators for several days, she noted. 


Marias Milagros Castanion Suane also considers the possibility to  spur trade and investment. She will discuss current potential opportunities for Georgian entrepreneurs at a special dinner, she noted. 


“Peru has developed diverse tourism activities in South America, and Georgia also has this potential. I believe Georgia and Peru have to provide close cooperation. Our countries are located far away from each other, but we can try our best. This week we will hold a lunch with tour operators. At dinner, we will also meet with several entrepreneurs to introduce Peru’s investment and import-export opportunities. We also want to introduce ongoing projects under the PPP format’, the Peruvian Ambassador noted. 


The entrance visa is not a real problem, and Georgia’s success in harmonizing with the EU will simplify relations between Georgia and Peru, she noted. 


“I know that you have moved to the next stage of relations with the EU and this is good . Peru is passing  this same phase. Consequently, I believe that when you pass this phase with the EU, it will be easier for us to take the same steps in our relationship with Georgia. In my opinion, despite the fact that you started international economic development earlier than Peru, both countries strive towards the same goal. We have free trade agreements with the EU, Canada, Mexico, Japan and Spain. There are a lot of ways to come to Peru”Marias Milagros Castanion Suane noted. 


Georgian diplomats should be trained in how to introduce their countries as  attractive tourism destinations. In order to make full use of a country’s tourism potential, branding is of crucial importance, as well as an expansion of its international reputation. To this end, Peruvian diplomats pass special training courses, and it would be excellent if ourg Georgian colleague also share this experience, the Peruvian Ambassador said. 


“The more important issue for tourism operators is how to brand our country as a tourism destination. In this respect, we have a very active agency, but it does not have representations in all countries. We have similar representations in Moscow and Turkey, but not in Georgia and Azerbaijan. I represent this agency here, and all of us have passed these trainings in how to introduce Peru as an attractive tourism destination.

I believe it would be wonderful to hold similar training sessions for your diplomats. In this respect, your country needs branding. We love our brand, and we wear T-shirts with this brand. This strategy enabled us to introduce Peru everywhere as a tourism destination. I like that you place photos on screens, but you can do a lot of other things. Peru offers many other interesting things to tourists. Consequently, there are a lot of directions to go down where we can cooperate, including in the tourism field”, the Peruvian Ambassador noted.