Posted: 7 months ago

PEGAS Touristik offers charter Flights to the most indemand and Luxury Resorts of Turkey

PEGAS Touristik international tour operator is meeting the 2019 summer season with important novelty.

Starting June 16 the company will offer charter flights to Georgian holidaymakers to the most indemand and luxury resorts of Turkey – Antalya, Bodrum, Kusadasi and Marmaris.

For the 2019 summer season, PEGAS Touristik offers the All Inclusive services to Georgian clients for various sea resorts of Turkey.

Antalya is the first direction, on which the company is working. For the 2019 summer season PEGAS Touristik performed the first flight to Antalya on May 25 through the airplane of partner Turkish Airlines. This is the first precedent in Georgia, when charter flights started in May. Besides Mediterranean sea resorts, Bodrum/Marmaris are novelty for Georgian citizens for the 2019 season. The company will perform 4 direct charter flights a week from Tbilisi to Antalya and one flight a week from Tbilisi to Bodrum.

PEGAS Touristik operates as a provider company, which creates products and then supplies an integrated package to Georgian tourism agencies and travel agencies sell these tours. PEGAS Touristik owns the network of its own hotels (525 hotels of various types), owns its own airline with airplanes.

As to prices, the lowest price of the full tour package to Bodrum with 4-star hotel services makes up 359 EUR. The package includes a return ticket, 6-day accommodation at the hotel, All Inclusive services, transfers and insurance. The lowest price for Antalya package makes up 240 EUR. Georgian citizens are able to buy the full package of PEGAS Touristik at any travel agency in Georgia.

Hence, if you have not decided yet where to spend your summer holidays, you have the excellent opportunity to plan it simply, interestingly and affordably jointly with PEGAS Touristik. Affordable prices and unique services – this is the advantage of PEGAS Touristik.

With 25-year experience PEGAS Touristik international tour operator was named among the world’s top three travel companies in 2013. The 100% stake of the company is owned by a Turkish businessman. The company was founded in  1994 and its  launched first tours to the direction of Antalya.