Posted: 4 months ago

Oakland is Investing $ 20 Mllion in Surami's Recreational-Residential Complex

The company "Oakland" will build a recreation-residential complex in Surami, in the former Dimitrov Garden, with an investment of 20 million GEL.

The company purchased 6 hectares of land within the framework of the state program, namely "100 investment offers to businesses". Davit Umekashvili, director of Oakland, tells Business Course that the company will start construction no later than July 2021 and will employ 40-50 people.

"The area was privatized in 2020, one of the points of which building a 20-room hotel. At this stage, we are agreeing on the architectural project with the administrative bodies, after which we will start construction.

It should be noted that the forest cover in the area is on the verge of extinction, we have written a plan to preserve the forest with the help of professionals. This is one of the biggest investment projects in the region that will bring new life to Surami. Although we focus on domestic tourism, foreign tourists heading west will also be able to take a break and visit Surami on the way," said the Oakland director.