Posted: 2 weeks ago

New Traffic Lane Opened at Tbilisi International Airport

A new traffic lane G (Golf) has been officially opened at Tbilisi International Airport.

The event was attended by the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, the Deputy Minister, the Director of Sakaeronavigatsia, representatives of the aviation authorities, and the leadership of TAV Georgia.

"A new runway and a return field have been added to the Tbilisi International Airport. Implementation of this project has reduced the take-off and maneuvering time of the runway by the aircraft, thus significantly increasing the capacity of the aircraft," said Tea Zakaradze, General Manager of TAV Georgia.

The project included the arrangement of high-strength artificial pavement on an area of 26,000 sq.m. In total, Tbilisi International Airport has six runways/maneuvers. TAV Georgia has invested $ 2.5 million in the project.

The new road was provided with light-signaling systems by Sakaeronavigatsia Ltd of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia.