Posted: 2 weeks ago

New lake, Premium Hotel Building and Tennis Courts - New Facilities under Construction at Lopota

"Lopota Spa Resort" is expanding. This year, several new facilities will be added to the area, with a total investment of about GEL 20 million.

The representative of the resort told Forbes Georgia that the 15th hotel building will be added to the complex by the end of June. It will be a 51-room premium-class hotel located on the shores of the lake, which will increase the number of Lopota rooms to 236.

"Adding this building means that we will sell much higher category rooms. We are mainly talking about double and suite rooms. The advantage of this hotel is also its location and beautiful views of the lake. There is a garden behind the hotel and a swimming pool will be built, which will be the fifth outdoor pool in the resort area," said Lopota Spa Resort representative.

In addition, this year another large-scale object will appear on the territory of the complex - a restaurant with its open and closed spaces. The restaurant will also have a swimming pool, which guests will be able to rent to host parties and corporate events.

"The mentioned facility will also be distinguished by the fact that a lake will be arranged there. In this second lake of Lopota, tourists will be able to swim, "- said the representative of the resort.

It is planned to open a professional basketball court on the territory of the complex in June, and by the end of the year the resort will add three courts - one indoor and two outdoor courts with its gym and all the equipment necessary for sports events. Our goal is to hold small basketball and tennis championships and tournaments," Lopota Spa Resort told Forbes Georgia.

The above projects will be completed this year, and from next year we should expect new facilities in Lopota, including a jazz club and an aquapark. Work on the concept of these projects has started, but construction is not underway yet.

"Lopota Spa Resort" is 100% booked on weekends. Most of the visitors are local tourists.