Photo: Zaza Nikolozishvili
Posted: 1 week ago

My travel dream for 2021: Georgia Among Top 12 Readers' Tips

My travel dream for 2021: top 12 readers’ tips- the popular British edition Guardian published an article with this title.

readers name 12 tourist destinations where a Guardian reader would like to travel in 2021. Georgia is among the top 12 destinations mentioned in the article.

''I want to be overwhelmed by Georgia’s Kazbegi region again. I want to get so exhausted by marvellous hikes – where I will not meet a soul – that the next day will be spent on a balcony with a book that gets little attention because the mountains take my breath away. I will only leave that balcony to eat terrific vegetarian Georgian food, with the same view. That balcony I left and want to return to is at Rooms Hotel, where doubles go for $100 – steep by Georgian standards but worth it and not as steep as those mountain slopes,''-writes Franka Hummels.  

As for other destinations, the article mentions England, Scotland, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mauritania and the Faroe Islands.