Posted: 1 month ago

Museum-Reserves in Uplistsikhe and Vardzia to Host Visitors from June 20th

Mariam Kvrivishvili, head of National Tourism Agency of Georgia, Nikoloz Antidze, director-general of the National Agency for Cultural Heritage and Giorgi Khojevanishvili, State Representative of Shida Kartli region visited the museum-reserves of Uplistsikhe and Vardzia and inspected the situation before opening the tourist facility.

From June 20, cultural heritage monuments will be added to the country's tourist destinations. Uplistsikhe and Vardzia museum-reserve will be one of the first monuments, which visitors will be able to visit. 

Tariffs for services in museum-reserves have been changed to stimulate the increase in tourist flows, and for the next three months, the price of tickets for museums and museum-reserves will be halved for visitors.

"Domestic tourism has opened in Georgia. Today, we visited very attractive tourist locations in Shida Kartli, including Skhvilo castle, where rehabilitation works are underway and soon will become an internationally recognized tourist destination. As for Uplistsikhe, the museum is fully adapted to the regulations imposed due to coronavirus outbreak. The museum will host domestic tourists in compliance with all the standards.", declared Mariam Kvrivishvili.

With the active works and efforts of the National Agency for Cultural Heritage, new destinations will be added to the country's tourist routes for next year.

In the near future, Grakliani Archeological Museum will be operating, which will be equipped with the modern multimedia exposition. 

Rehabilitation works on the facilities are planned to be completed this year.