Posted: 4 years ago

Museum of Recipes Opens in Tbilisi

Museum of Recipes has opened in Tbilisi, on Ingorokva Street. Maia Kavtaradze is one of the founders. Objective of the museum is to preserve original recipes and describe their origins.

”We have decided to collect Georgian folk and authorial recipes. We have neither artifacts nor books on this heritage from previous centuries. As a rule, they are lost. Therefore, we have decided to print them on wood and paper and preserve them in this way. And we are giving them the form of various souvenirs and interested persons can buy them at museums too. We have prepared recipes in several languages and naturally, we store them in online format too”, Maia Kavtaradze noted.

Key target segment of the museum includes tourists. Besides seeing exponents and making sales, any visitor is able to cook dishes themselves and taste them locally,.
“The museum has got its own showroom, where our chefs cook dishes due to the museum exponents. Under the same recipes anybody is able to cook themselves in case of advance order”.

“Publication of cuisine collections started over the past years. Previously, recipes were lost frequently. These books raise special interest in foreign visitors. We have decided that the museum would provide interesting and pleasant environment for the museum visitors. Moreover, we wanted to preserve these recipes and references about Georgian cuisine and its specific dishes, their authors”.

The project was implemented with the financial support of TechnoPark, on the ground of startup Spy Recipes.