Posted: 2 months ago

Museum and Functional Generator - Historic Borjomi HPP will be Restored

Historic Borjomi HPP returns to its old function. At the same time, it will have a new workload, a museum space will be arranged.

The hydroelectric power plant in Borjomi Park was one of the first in the Russian Empire after the power plants in St. Petersburg and New Athos. The HPP was put into operation on January 15, 1899 and had a total capacity of 140 hp. In 1950, the HPP ceased operations. The project for the restoration of the station is being implemented by the Energy Development Fund.

The museum space, according to the Minister of Economy, will be designed and implemented under the leadership of the Cultural Heritage Agency. Work is currently underway on part of the museumography. Natia Turnava noted that the second and most important thing is to restore the original function of the station - it will be a small green hydroelectric power plant with a capacity of 103 kW.

"After the rehabilitation, the station will be restored with more capacity and will be able to generate electricity," the minister said.

According to Natia Turnava, the restored historical hydroelectric power plant will be another landmark that can be visited in Borjomi Park.

The Energy Development Fund has been instructed to restore the hydroelectric power plant in Borjomi Municipality, which is located in the mineral water park, as an industrial cultural heritage monument by the decree of the Government of Georgia. The restored hydropower plant will perform two functions. The first as a museum and the second as a modern hydroelectric power plant.